Hi, I’m Georgia!

Born in the UK with a heritage in China, I am a 20-year-old student with an interest in foreign cultures and an affinity for all things tasty.

Gingery Ginseng was born from said passions (as well as lockdown boredom) and is on a mission to increase both public awareness and appreciation of East Asian food and culture.

From restaurant reviews to family recipes (and the occasional baking tragedy), I am excited for you to join me on my culinary travels. Together, we have a lot to learn, to make, and, most importantly, to eat!

Favourite Food

Japanese food for sure! Whereby it is sushi, katsu curry, or ramen – I want it all! And that’s just the savouries…

Favourite Drink

I am a teaholic! Red iced tea is my elixir of life. When it comes to bubble tea, I love taro with 50% ice and 50% sugar.

Favourite Restaurant

Shoryu Ramen, Sohu is awesome – the entirety of Kingly Court is a foodie paradise! For casual dining, Chinese food at Peach Garden, Birmingham will forever be a favourite.

Favourite City

A city bustling with life and roaring culture, Beijing has so much to offer! From Peking duck to noodles and dumplings, I am hungry just thinking about it.